Testimonials and Case Studies

Amelie Housing

SDM made the transition from our previous software package seamless and support is always just a phone call away. Asset Management modules are user friendly and provide the data required

Amelie Housing

We have recently undergone an Audit from the South Australian Housing Authority on our rent calculations...............................we achieved a pass rate of 100%

Eldonian Community Based Housing Association

The Eldonian Community Based Housing Association in Liverpool chose SDM's software because their rent and repair systems were uncomplicated and perfectly suited to their needs.

Hume Community Housing

We have been using the SDM rent calculator for over 5 years now. We love that it allows us to complete bulk rent reviews for our Centrelink income only customers in a very quick turnaround. It’s as simple as requesting a CCES file from Centrelink, bulk uploading customer income into SDM, completing a range of checks on the draft results and then processing. We find we can process our 2500 reviews in a 2 week period. With our recent growth we couldn’t imagine being without an automated rent subsidy calculator.

Zebra Housing Association

Zebra Housing Association based in Kensington, London have been using SDM Housing Software since 2003. They currently use our Housing Management, Repairs and Finance Modules to provide service delivery to international students in over 130 properties.