Rent Review System

The Rent Review System is an end-to-end rent calculation system for assessing the income based rent for Tenancies. The system calculates rent and CRA, generates letters and notices, and fully intefaces with Centrelink. The rent calculator was specifically built for the Australian market and fully complies with Australian State based policies.

Key Information

Rent Review System Components

  • Notifications
  • Data Collection Interface
  • CRA Rent Calculator
  • Updates 
  • Data Reporting Interface


  • Generates Mail Merge letters
  • Notification of Rent Review
  • Reminder Letters
  • Notification of Rent Assessment
  • Automatically saves all documents to the Tenant’s Diary
  • Letters can be Emailed or Posted

Data Collection Interface

  • Automatic importing from Centrelink via the CCeS Interface
  • Manual Entry where Authorities are not held
  • Combination of CCeS and Manual entry
  • Comprehensive information held for each Household member
  • Income Details are held using Centrelink’s Income Codes
  • Income Details have Start & End dates to retain a full, permanent History
  • Reminder Letters can be generated automatically for late & missing information

CRA Rent Calculator

Originally designed to emulate the NSW DCJ CRA Calculator on a spread sheet.  The system is fully integrated in to the SDM code (no spread sheet) and has been enhanced to support Rent Polices for our customers in all States.

  • Batch based, can be run for a single Tenancy, many Tenancies or the complete organisation
  • Draws income data automatically from the Data Collection process mention above
  • A single click Calculates all Tenancies in the Batch
  • Stores Centrelink Rates for CRA, Maintenance & FTB, plus all Income Types and Error messages
  • Centrelink Rates are updated by SDM as they are made available every March, June & September
  • Exception reporting makes it easy to find and resolve data entry and other errors
  • Bulk generation of mail merged Notifications of new Rent
  • Letters automatically attached to Tenant Diary
  • Controlled, automatic update of new Rent to the Tenancy
  • New Rents are automatically applied at the correct future date
  • Multiple Calculation Types are supported for different Property programs, SHSP, Affordable, Market Rent, Ceiling Rent, Fixed Percentages and Variable Rate Income Based.
  • Maximum Rent limits fully supported during calculation
  • Can be set to charge Maximum Rent by default if income details are not returned


  • Completed Successful Calculations are updated the Tenancy
  • These are automatically applied on the due date
  • Future Dated changes apply during the Rent Debit is processed
  • Back Dated changes apply immediately
  • Once the Calculation is Updated to the Tenancy no further action is required

Data Reporting Interface

  • EVoR - Fully compliant with the Centrelink EVoR batch reporting system
  • Reports new Rent back to Centrelink based on unreported Rent Calculator Batches
  • DBUS - Fully compliant with the Centrelink DBUS batch reporting system
  • Able to vary existing Deductions

Please Note: As at Oct 2020 EVoR & DBUS are in an advanced stage of development but have not been released. ETA Q4 2020

Other Features

  • Back Dated Rent changes fully supported, automatically adjusts Tenant Balances & Paid-To-Date to reflect corrected values.  Does not change historical Financial information
  • Full History of all Batches, Reports & Income Details permanently held
  • Letters & Report templates can be customised for different situations
  • Different Calculation Types can be processed automatically in the same batch
  • All reports not saved against Tenant Diaries are held in the system Print Queue as an historical record
  • Detailed manual covering all aspects of configuration, operation and troubleshooting
  • SDM Australian support staff provide expert support on all aspects of the Rent Review System
  • All Centrelink Rates for CRA, Maintenance & FTB and Income Types & Error codes are held in the SDM system with a full History