Supported Housing

The SDM Supported Housing Module sits alongside and interfaces seamlessly with the standard Rents & Housing Management and Waiting List & Allocation Modules. The module allows the user to record support needs and support plans for supported housing tenancies.

The Supported Housing Module also allows users to Record Support Needs for supported housing tenancies.

Key Information

  • Set up User defined Assessment and Support Needs Questionnaires
  • Supported Housing Extended Database
  • Provides ability to report Support Housing Details
  • Linked to the SDM Household Members screen
  • Capturing Key tenant data and support needs

Main Features

  • Record Initial Assessment & Support Needs
  • Make Risk Assessments on a periodic basis
  • Add and maintain Support Plans
  • Add periodic Keyworker Sessions Recording progress and Actions Taken
  • Provides Outcome Reporting
  • Provides prompts and reminders when Keyworker sessions or Risk Assessments are due


The SDM Supported Housing Module integrates with Rents & Housing Management and Waiting List & Allocations Household Members screen within the tenant and Applicant databases.