Finance Software

The SDM Purchase Ledger module operates within the suite of SDM's fully integrated Housing Software.

Purchase Ledger

The SDM Sales Ledger has been designed to allow users to run an integrated sales ledger as part of their SDM Housing System.

Sales Ledger

The SDM Nominal Ledger module provides a full double entry accounting package for Housing Organisations.

Nominal Ledger

The SDM Fixed Asset Register integrates with the SDM Nominal and Purchase Ledgers and provides a powerful way of recording an organisation’s assets.

Fixed Asset Register

The SDM External Program Interface Module creates electronic transaction files from SDM and allows customers to link the generated output files to a 3rd Party System.

External Programs Interface

The SDM Lease Owners Module allows users to set up a lease owner file within the system and link the properties that are being leased to the lease owner record.

Lease Owner Module