Waiting List and Allocations

The SDM Waiting List & Allocations module is designed to allow users full control of their allocations process, from initial applicant enquiry to final letting of a property.

The software can be used interactively to allow users to update an applicant's details throughout the allocations process.

Key Information

Applicant Details

  • Full points record
  • Household members details
  • Application dates
  • Economic & ethnic status
  • Diary system
  • Extended data
  • Areas requested

Property Details

  • Property type
  • Bedroom size
  • Adaptations
  • Area details
  • Property Diary
  • Key Register
  • Applicants matched to property

Offer Information

  • Date of Offer
  • Acceptance / rejection details
  • Tenancy Start Date

Main Features

  • Comprehensive applicant file
  • Void property details
  • Multiple lists capability
  • User definable points system
  • Choice based allocations
  • Easy screen enquiries
  • Statistical information
  • Standard Letters facility
  • Archive facility
  • Matching Applicants to Properties
  • Applicant letters
  • Offer letters
  • Customisable data exports
  • Import to Extended Data


  • Applicant details
  • Offers Report
  • Lettings Report
  • Statistical Reports
  • Void Properties
  • Audit Report
  • Diary Report


The SDM Waiting List & Allocations module integrates with the following modules:  SDM Rents & Housing Management, SDM Voids Management, SDM Document Manager & SDM Task List