SDM API: Polling Service

The SDM Polling Service Module is a Windows service program which once started will run in the background monitoring nominated folders and taking the appropriate actions.

The Polling Service Module can be used to process files across various SDM Modules.

Key Information

  • SDM System Utilities
  • SDM Service Manager
  • SDM Polling Manager
  • Maintain Polling Processes

Polling Services Currently Available

  • No Action
  • Import Repair Request                                                           
  • Import Order Details                                                         
  • Import Text Messages                                                       
  • Import New Orders
  • Request a Repair Import 
  • Import Batch of Orders 
  • Store ADL Documents 
  • Import Purchase Invoices 
  • Import Tenant Changes
  • Import from Portal Database
  • SDM Order Integration
  • Create Diary Text Files

Main Features

  • The program is called SCA60.exe and is installed with the SDM menu software
  • It can be managed by the Windows Service Manager
  • The SDM Polling Manager utility is provided to setup, maintain and monitor any number of polling processes
  • The SDM Service Manager is provided to simplify the process of managing the SDM Polling Service program. 
  • SDM Service Manager – Stop / Start Service
  • SDM Service Manager – Stop / Remove Service
  • SDM Service Manager – Get Service Status
  • SDM Service Manager – Windows Service Manager
  • SDM Polling Manager – Insert / Change Delete Services
  • SDM Polling Manager – View History shows files that have been processed and results
  • SDM Polling Manager – View Directories displays the contents of directories associated with particular polling process