Menu and Security Utilities

The SDM System Security Module provides the means to set up users of the system and to grant or deny access to specific areas of functionality within the individual modules as appropriate to the requirements of an organisation.

The SDM System Security Module also allows for individual activity and usage of the system to be logged and monitored.

Key Information

User Profiles

  • Insert Users who will use the SDM Modules
  • Manage User passwords
  • Password change function prompt
  • View list of logged in Users Function
  • View Activity Log to show what actions users carry out on system
  • Manage System Access
  • Apply Security Groups
  • Task List Module Set Up
  • CRM Module Set Up

Security Groups

  • Set up Security Groups
  • Individual Groups per module
  • Security Groups set for various module access
  • Module Access Security – ability to select function and apply to a security group

System Utilities Menu

  • Maintain Email Addresses function
  • Import Data Dictionaries Functionality
  • Polling Manager Set up and maintenance
  • SDM Document Manager Directory Structure Set up

Main Features

  • Ability to set up users on the system
  • Ability to manage passwords
  • Ability to set security groups creating customised access levels
  • Ability to control access to module functionality depending of staff member role
  • System Supervisor Capability
  • Ability to set Broadcast Messages to other users
  • Ability to set system lock out to different modules


The SDM Menu & Security Utilities Module integrates with various areas of the SDM suite of modules.