Gold Service Scheme

This module is designed to allow organisations to recognise and reward good tenant conduct and behaviour.

What is a 'Gold Service' Scheme?

It is widely recognised that Housing Organisations spend a disproportionate amount of its time dealing with negative issues (e.g. rent arrears, vandalism). Statistics are often cited to illustrate this fact: 20% of tenants consume 80% of staff time.

In order to address this imbalance, a growing number of housing organisations have introduced a scheme that allows them to recognise and reward good tenant conduct and behaviour.

Such schemes have been named "Gold Service".

SDM worked with a number of customers to establish requirements and to produce the SDM Gold Service Scheme module which goes some way towards automating the management of the Scheme and the processes involved.

Main Functionality

  • Identification of tenants who are loyal, behave well and conduct their tenant account in a satisfactory manner
  • Colour highlighting to identify qualifying tenants
  • Calculates Bonus Bonds for tenant rewards
  • Gold status suspension for rule infringement
  • Historic record of a tenant's performance

Additional Usage

The Gold Service Scheme is not only useful for administering a recognition scheme for tenants. The ability to create user defined colour schemes has been adapted to assist organisations identify tenants for a variety of reasons including

  • Income stream
  • Caution
  • Outstanding access for a visit


The Gold Service Scheme colour coding is also visible in SDM Repairs and Maintenance, SDM Rents & Housing Management and SDM Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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